Design on the Inside


We set up Design on the inside to uncover the reality of how organisations design the products and services that we use everyday. We felt that only the 'hero' stories of design were being told and it was time to shine a light on the often difficult journey organisations and individuals face when trying to design great things. We strive for honest conversations that reveal the real side of making great design happen.

How it all began

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Design on the inside started out as a bi-monthly breakfast event at Snook’s London Studio. We invited people who both identified with design, and those who didn’t, to talk openly and honestly about their journey and challenges they face.

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The sessions grew in numbers and continued to attract people interested in how design can be used to make products and services that work for people. DOTI seemed to naturally create a trusting space. Speakers continued to be honest, their lessons often frank and their unsolved problems voiced.

We’ve always felt there was a lot of great material missing from the industry on this unseen, often unsexy side of making design work. And we couldn’t let these honest lessons be left just to the walls of our sessions. Over time, we built a podcast to bring these conversations to more people, and shine a light on the heroes who are doing the handwork to make things work better for people.